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The Allpower Source offers a range of rack mount and modular power supplies which are designed for bench testing, ATE and electronic systems. These are high precision manually or computer controlled power supplies in the range of 800W to 4000W. All units respond to analog programming as well as RS-232 protocol. High end units are also equipped with RS-485 and Ethernet capability. The product range is 1U to 7U and it spans the voltage range from 0-36 V to 0-800V. Units can be arranged in parallel for multiple current capacity, or in series for higher voltages. All units are equipped with all protection features. Rack mounted units can work either as voltage or current sources.


Bench power supplies – Variable Voltage – Variable Current. Automatic test equipment. Testing of electronic systems.
Testing of power conversion equipment. Component testing. Battery charging.

  • Precision or programmability via front panel, RS-232, RS-485 Ethernet
  • Very low output ripple
  • Very high precision – high stability output
  • Front LCD panel display
  • Front panel keypad and knob voltage, current and mode settingHigh precision machining available
  • 1U units up to 1600 W / 2U units up to 4000 W
  • Up to 4 units can be connected in parallel for multiple power

Programmable power supply 1500 W - 1U

Programmable power supply 3000 W - 2U

Programmable Power Supply Modules 800W – 3000 W

These modules provide an inexpensive way to create precision bulk power for any test setup.

  • Programmable via 0 – 5 V signal or potentiometer
  • Programmable via RS-232 by computer
  • Protected for OV, OT and OL
  • Current limit programmable
  • Up to 8 modules can be paralleled
  • Up to 8 modules cab be connected in series
  • Output rates 0 – 36 V, 0 – 60 V, 0 – 150 V, 0 – 250 V, 0 – 400 V

Programmable modules 3000 W

Programmable modules 800 W - 3000 W

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