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The Allpower Source is an authorized distributer of nanocrystalline core mode by the Magnetec Company headquartered in Germany and production in various countries. The nanocrystalline cores offer a formidable alternative to ferrite cores in terms of size and core losses. With saturation flux density close to 10,000 gauss, these cores enable very high power density even while switching at 30-40 KHz which is their optimal range of operational frequency. Nanocrystalline cores are also very suitable for common mode inductors due to their very high permeability.


Switching power supplies, DC to DC converters, EMI filters.

  • Cores are offered at standard sizes of leading nanocrystalline toroidal core markers.
  • We offer custom shapes and sizes.
  • Toroidal cores can be gapped per request.
  • Cores are available for transformer applications with high saturation level or for common mode inductors with low saturation but very high permeability.
  • Application support is available for actual design help
  • Many sizes available from stock.
  • Custom sizes in 3 weeks. Small tooling charge.


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