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Film Capacitors

UP TO 200μF | UP TO 1500 V

The Allpower Source offers a unique capability in film capacitors in various shapes, sizes and terminations. It provides solutions requiring high voltage, low ESR and low inductance for bypass, snubbing, high frequency filtering and resonance circuits. These capacitors are made of polypropylene film with the known advantages of high AC current capability, and high temperature stability.


EMI Filters, blocking caps, resonance circuits.

  • Mounting methods which allow very high current flow via bolts or massive brackets
  • Silver coated terminals
  • Low inductance termination
  • High voltage to 1500V. High capacitance to 200μF
  • Custom shapes, terminals and dimensions are possible
  • Snubber capacitor for IGBT’s
  • Very high AC current rating
  • Metal or plastic housing

DC DC Converter Capacitor

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